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Simple 20 Month Old Learning Activities to Do at Home

Simple 20 Month Old Learning Activities to Do at Home

G is 20 months old and is a BUSY boy! Sometimes the activities I set up for him last about 2 minutes, but then a spontaneous activity will hold his attention for quite some time! Here are some fun 20 month old learning activities to keep your toddler busy, entertained, and learning!

Toddlers develop at different rates. Each day it seems like they are learning a new skill. Your 20-Month-Old toddler might be focused on fine motor skills, some might be making an explosion of growth in their gross motor skills, and others with their communication skills. That is why young toddlers need lots of opportunities to try different things. New experiences as well as repeating them over and over promotes brain development and strengthens cognitive skills.



Yes, he needs a LITTLE help with reminders to dip the brush in water, but for the most part, painting is one of his favorite things. Plus, it’s easily washed off little hands and faces. This simple activity is so much fun!

Connect Four

If you have this fun game, set it up for your tot! He loves dropping the chips in and it’s a great fine motor activity. This is one of the best games to invest in because it grows with your child.

Lite Bright

Who would’ve thought?! Now, definitely keep a close eye because of the small pieces but fortunately, G does not put much (if anything, aside from food!) in his mouth. He LOVES when we turn the lights off and sees his pictures. This is a great activity to do with older siblings. This fun activity is a simple way to work on the pincer grasp.



Puzzles are one of my child’s favorite toys right now! G is SO much more into puzzles than M (5.5 years old) ever was. Our favorites are anything from Melissa and Doug but recently, we can’t get enough of the animal sounds one and the magnetic one! Sometimes we hide the pieces around the room (in easy spots) and he finds them and completes the puzzle. It’s a creative way to make the puzzle more exciting.


 G loves, loves, loves books, whether it’s us reading to him or him “reading” to us. Board books are the safest option but we ARE teaching him to be gentle with ANY book. Reading to your child is the best way to help develop language skills and vocabulary.

Marbles and Jars

I put a bowl of marbles (as well as pom poms) in a small bowl and give him an empty (and clean!) soda bottle. He will sit and oh-so-patiently drop the objects through the narrow opening! I love simple activities like this. It’s a fun way to sneak in a little bit of fine motor practice. It is a good idea to be sitting next to your child for this activity so they do not put the marbles in their mouth.

Fruit Loop bracelets

The goal was to string the cereal on the pipe cleaner but let’s be honest. He would string it… and then immediately eat it. No actual bracelets were created, but still a great way to develop hand-eye coordination. This and dropping the marbles in the jar are great fine motor activities for this age!

Other Fun Activities that benefit your toddler’s development:

  • play dough
  • finger painting
  • Putting cotton balls in different containers and getting them back out. This is an easy activity that toddlers love!
  • sensory play – rice, beans, pasta, water, shaving cream, ice
  • Creative Play using Blocks – building and creating with blocks builds so many Math skills!
  • Imaganitive Play with stuffed animals


How do you like playing and learning with your almost-two year olds?


Written by Jill

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