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Airplane Game

Traveling with kids on an airplane can be tough. What else can you try when what you have isn’t working? Try this quick airplane game with sticky notes.
airplane game
We recently flew with the kids and because N is 3 and B is 6 I didn’t have to pack as many activities to keep them happy and occupied for the plane ride as I used to when they were younger.
We had electronics (dvd player, iTouch), a few small books and toys, and snacks. I knew we’d be ok with those options, but on the way out of the house I threw sticky notes and a pen in my purse just in case.
Sure enough the sticky notes came in handy. N had so much fun drawing on them and sticking them all over the window and seats. I was glad to have that trick up my sleeve on the flight.

Sticky Note Ideas:

*Draw and stick just for fun
*Play Tic Tac Toe and stick the note/tic tac toe board on the winner’s seat
*Put shapes, names, words, or letters on sticky notes and stick them to the tray in front of your child. Tell your child which one to find and pull down.
*Put the letters of your name in order
*Draw the members of your family
*Put the numbers 1-10 in order and play “I’m Thinking of a Number”. One player gives clues and the other pulls down the number that they think it is.

Ideas for Younger Children on Plane Rides:

Ideas for Long Rides in the Car:



Saturday 16th of March 2013

great idea! thanks for sharing.