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Music and Preschoolers

Music in our house for my children is like breathing.  And the surprising thing is that neither my husband and I are very musical at all.  One thing that we did do to enrich them was expose them to music at a very young age.  This included classical music, singing nursery rhymes and children songs, and taking them to musical theater.

Do you need some fun ideas for integrating music into your day?  Well, here are some that have worked for us.

Music and Preschoolers

music for preschoolers

1.  Have kid friendly instruments such as shakers and tambourines readily available during music time.  The jingle bells shown above are one of my kids’ favorites! Or even better, be creative and make your own instruments!

2.  Keep an eye out for fun and inexpensive music CD’s.  We found these books/CD’s at our dollar tree and they are requested often by the little ones.  Usually once I put on these CD’s it promotes physical activity.. lots of running around and dancing which is a bonus!
3. Provide your child with colorful streamers for self-expression and play.
4.  Art Inspired by Song-Create art while listening to music. We had fun painting after watching an Eric Carle video titled I See a Song.
art and music and preschoolers
5.  Expose your children to different types of music.  We truly enjoyed watching the African Children’s Choir and another fun experience was taking the kids to listen to Bluegrass.
What ways do you incorporate music into your child’s day?
Written by Jen