Playing with Your 22 Month Old

Well, our new little guy has been born and it’s been crucial to have lots of fun activities that keep G (22 months) busy and happy while I’m with the baby!
Playing with your 22 month old. Here are some fun activities for your tiny tot!


playing with your 22 month old
I get a BIG pad of paper from Staples every few months and the kids love it.  I set out boxes of crayons and a box of stamps and G goes wild.  He loves the big paper!

Pretend Play

playing with your 22 month old
G is all about copying mommy, so we’ve been putting out a lot of things to encourage pretend play.  His favorites are phones, baby dolls and bottles, strollers, and blankets, and even an old keyboard from a dead computer!

Play Dough

playing with your 22 month old


I laminated a cauldron (pretend it’s a cauldron; I free-handed it!) and put out some yellow and gold play dough.  He LOVES to tear pieces and put the “gold” in the cauldron.  It’s a fun, themed activity that keeps his little fingers VERY busy!


playing with your 22 month old


About ten times a day, G asks to paint.  I drew this rainbow on butcher paper and put a little paint in each well of a silicone muffin tray.  Now.  I will say that when he was done, there was NO rainbow to be seen (ha!) but he had an awesome time painting on the big paper and mixing colors!


playing with your 22 month old


The actual sorting part of this was tricky, but he loved pushing the pompoms into the rows of this silicone ice tray (I think it’s used to make ice that you could slip in a water bottle, but it’s perfect for pompoms!).


playing with your 22 month old


I dyed some rice green and left some natural.  Then, I filled it with all things green, like buttons, erasers, pompoms, and pebbles.  G LOVES this bucket! He can sift through and find the tiny objects that are hidden in the rice and he also loves to scoop and pour the rice.

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    I love how our kids are the same age. I am always needing new ideas for my daughter. I am trying to keep the 4 year old busy and I forget about the 1 year old.

    March 13, 2013 at 9:14 pm
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