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Simple Lego Party Ideas

Simple Lego Party Ideas
B turned 6 this month and had a Lego themed birthday party. I like my party planning to be simple, inexpensive, and awesome! Here are 4 simple Lego Party ideas that worked for us.
Lego party ideas
1 – DIY Lego Bracelets
Idea from The Centsible Life
We made these and put them in the party favor boxes. I thought they were a super simple and unique party favor. They were simple to make and we had most of the supplies already on hand. 
2 – Lego Party Favor Boxes (free, printable)
Idea from Hotcakes
Although they took awhile for me to cut, fold, and tape together it was worth it. They added a fun decoration to the party. Fill with your favorite candy or Lego themed items. 
3 – Lego Cake
Idea from Betty Crocker
Unfortunately, baking is not one of my strengths, but I did manage to pull off this simple Lego cake. All you need to use is a sheet cake and huge marshmallows. I know, I know, not the prettiest frosting job, but yours will look awesome!
4 – DIY Lego Wrapping Paper
We made our own Lego wrapping paper to make our presents go along with the theme. We loved this! 
  • Lego Duplos
  • Paper
  • Paint
  1. Dip the bottom of the Lego in paint and stamp with it.
  2. Then dip the top of the Lego (the circles) in paint and stamp it inside the rectangle or square shape.