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Learning with a Growth Chart

Learning with a Growth Chart
I love our personalized growth chart and keepsake (ours is from Petite Lemon)! It is so fun to look back and remember how small they were when they were 2 and to think about the year they had that huge growth spurt. When we were measuring and marking our heights, I realized that you can be learning with a growth chart, especially if your kids are as interested in it as mine are.

Learning with a Growth Chart

Comparing Height

learning with a growth chart
  • Compare how tall you are now versus how tall you were at a certain age.
  • How much have you grown in one year?
  • What is the difference in inches between you and your sibling at a certain age.

How Many Stuffed Animals High?

learning with a growth chart
  • How many stuffed animals high are you?
  • Last year, how many blocks tall were you?

Learning with a Growth Chart – Colors, Counting, and Vocabulary

learning with a growth chart
  • Can you find the blue crayon?
  • How many blue crayons are there?
  • What color crayon is at the top? At the bottom?
  • Which crayons are longest?
  • Can you find a short crayon?

Letters of Your Name

growth chart
For toddlers and preschoolers, seeing their name on something special is meaningful and exciting!
  • Do you see any letters you know in your name?
  • How many letters are in your name?
If you don’t have a personalized growth chart yet, make sure to find one that is durable so it will last throughout the years, one that you can take with you if you move, and one that fits with your style just like the keepsakes you will find at Petite Lemon!
This post is sponsored by Petite Lemon, but the ideas and opinions are my own.