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Organizing Kids’ Keepsakes

Here are a few tips for Organizing Kids’ Keepsakes.
Are you accumulating a LOT of school work, art projects, or other masterpieces that your Mama heart just can’t bear to toss?
I have a big box from Ikea that sits in my hall closet.  When M or G create something adorable (which is ALL the time, naturally!), I toss it in this box.
organizing kids' keepsakes
Every few months, I’ll go through the box and pull out the keepers (the ones that I’ll show them when they’re 18 years old).
I bought this plastic milk crate at Target and popped some colorful hanging file folders inside.
organizing kids' keepsakes
Each kiddo (well, minus the baby… He’s only 9 weeks old, haha) has their own crate.
Here’s what it looks like:
organizing Kids' Keepsakes
I gave each important year of school (starting with preschool!) a folder.
Organizing Kids' Keepsakes
Miss M is almost done with kindergarten and we just recently sat down together to decide which artwork, photographs, teacher notes, and reports to place in the folder.  We also looked back on her preschool folders and had SO much fun reminiscing!

JDaniel4's Mom

Wednesday 14th of August 2013

This looks like a great way to organize memories. Thank you for sharing it on the Back to School Traditions link up. I will be sharing this post on Facebook.