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DIY Lego Storage

DIY Lego Storage
I made these! DIY Lego Storage! Can you believe it? You won’t believe how easy they were to make and B (6 years old) told me I was awesome and that always makes my day!
DIY lego storage
You don’t have to use them to store Legos, you can use them to store anything and it is the perfect decoration for a Lego fan.
DIY Lego Storage
I took the labels off of this large plastic container and spray painted it yellow. When you are spray painting, spray it lightly from a distance and use a few coats to cover it instead of too much all at once (like I tried to do) because it will drip. If it does drip let it dry, sand it down a little bit in those areas, and start over with the spray paint.
When the containers are dry use a black permanent marker to draw on the lego faces.
Idea inspired by Obseussed
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Victoria ObSEUSSed

Thursday 30th of May 2013

Your jars turned out cute! Thanks for sharing my link.