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Coin War Money Game

Coin War Money Game
We’ve sorted coins, found out how many are in a dollar, and now we are playing a Coin War Money Game!
Coin War money game

How to Play Coin War Money Game

  1. Start with the same amount of coins in two different cups (one cup for each player). The coins we used for each player are pictured above (totally random). Start with a small number of coins so your first game doesn’t take too long.
  2. Then, play the game just like war. Without looking, pick a coin from your cup and put it on the table. Whoever has the highest valued coin gets to keep both coins.
  3. Continue and keep refilling your cup with the coins you collect.
  4. When you collect all of the coins, you win!


Here is a Coin War Printable (coins are in order by value) for your child to refer to during the game.


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Tuesday 21st of January 2014

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