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Get Messy Summer Challenge – Week 5

It’s Summer! Get Messy! Here are several ideas for kids to get messy and enjoy the Summer.
Spice up your Summer with The Activity Mom’s 8 Week Summer Challenge!
For each of the 8 weeks of Summer we will challenge you to try one new activity. Pick one activity from the themed list and try it any time during the week. That’s it! Guaranteed Summer fun! We’d love to hear how it goes.

 Summer Challenge – Week 5 – Get Messy

shaving cream activity
preschool painting
toddler activities
bath tub paint
play with water beads
colored rice
Dye Rice or Noodles for Scooping and Pouring
sensory play
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Sensory Play from I Can Teach My Child
moon dough recipe
Homemade Moon Dough from MomTrusted