Learning Numbers with the Elevator Game

Learning Numbers with this Elevator Game is a fun, engaging way to learn to identify numbers.
learning numbers elevator game
learning numbers elevator game
  • Print a copy of the elevator buttons (below) and put them at the top and bottom of your stairs (or at the entrance of a room).
  • Decide on a number of the day. Each time you go up the stairs press the number of the day and the up button. When you go down the stairs, press the number of the day and the down button.
This was such a fun way for her to pretend and practice numbers! When 1-10 is easy, switch to the 11-20 elevator buttons. My 6 year old joined in just for fun and it helped her to see him pushing the number of the day too.
Need a Bigger Challenge?
  • Have a secret code of 3 numbers that he/she has to push to use the elevator.
  • Have the number of the day be 10, but your older child has to find 2 numbers that equal 10 and push those buttons.
Print a Learning Numbers Elevator Game
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Number Elevator 1-10

Number Elevator 11-20

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