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Z is for Zebra – A Paper Plate Alphabet Craft

Z is for Zebra – A Paper Plate Alphabet Craft
Z is for Zebra, a paper plate alphabet craft, is a fun way to craft your way through the alphabet. Use the free printable to turn the paper plate into a happy zebra or use paper, markers, and even paint to create your own zebra. 

Z is for Zebra – Paper Plate Alphabet Craft

z is for zebra


  • Print out the zebra template from Alex Toys.
  • Cut out the pieces and glue it onto the paper plate.
  • Remember to encourage creativity. Your child’s zebra doesn’t need to be perfect or look exactly like the picture. It is about the experience. 
  • Write the letter Z on the Zebra. In this picture we wrote a lowercase and capital letter Z. If this is your first time crafting through the alphabet, I would recommend just writing a capital Z for your child. You can also write it on the back of the paper plate so that it doesn’t distract from the animal and the animal doesn’t distract from the letter. 


Read a book about zebras.

Here are a few that we love (affiliate links):
Lots and Lots of Zebra Stripes by Stephen R. Swinburne
Facts about the Zebra by Lisa Strattin
A Zebra’s Day by Aubre Andrus
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Mommy of Many Hats

Thursday 25th of July 2013

This is super cute!