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Playdough Summer Challenge – Week 4

 Playdough is something that allows for creativity, pretend play, strengthening of fingers and wrists, and critical thinking. You can’t beat the benefits of playdough. Here are several ways to use playdough with your kids.
Playdough Summer Challenge
Spice up your Summer with The Activity Mom’s 8 Week Summer Challenge!
For each of the 8 weeks of Summer we will challenge you to try one new activity. Pick one activity from the themed list and try it any time during the week. That’s it! Guaranteed Summer fun! We’d love to hear how it goes.

 Summer Challenge – Week 4 – Playdough

playdough recipe

Our Favorite Homemade Scented Playdough Recipe

playdough mats

A HUGE list of printable Playdough Mats to get creative with.

frosting playdough recipe

Create a baker with this Frosting Dough Recipe. It is edible.

playdough lacing activity

Playdough Lacing Activity to work on fine motor skills.

playdough game

Playdough Smash Game

 Other Playdough Ideas:

Open a Bakery
Make a Birthday Cake or Ice Cream Cones
Stick Mr. Potato Head Pieces into it
Use Toothpicks to Make Buildings
Make a road and drive cars through it
Make Snakes
Make boats and see if they float in water
Make a path and have toy animals leave their tracks behind