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Fun with Paint

Fun with Paint…..I know paint can be messy, but it’s SO fun for little hands!  We try and use Crayola Washable paints as much as we can because the clean up really is a snap.  Here are some fun ways we keep painting fresh!
fun with paint
Paint withOUT a paintbrush!  We love to use found objects, such as corks, cleaning scrub brushes, kitchen sponges, or Q-tips!
fun with paint
Cut up a dollar store pool noodle and make prints!
fun with paint
Our personal favorite is to buy a bag of smooth, polished stones from The Dollar Tree and paint them!  The kids LOVE this and sometimes even attach googly eyes.  When they’re dry, we scatter them throughout the planters in our front yard, and guests ALWAYS comment on them.  One time, we even loaded up the wagon and SOLD some to our neighbors.  SO fun!
fun with paint
And finally, sometimes just a good old watercolor tray is the BEST!  These are always super cheap around this time of year with back to school supplies and I STOCK up.  It’s so good to teach kids patterns, too: dip in water, pick a color, paint.  Dip in water, pick a color, paint!
Written by Jill

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