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Easy Activities for Your 2 Year Old

Looking for some fun, kid-tested (and approved!) activities to do with your two year old?  I bet you have some, if not ALL, of these items around your house!
We love our colored Ikea cups, and not just for drinking!  I set them out on a tray, paired them with some tongs, and also a bowl of pompoms.  Two year olds are JUST learning to grasp tongs and this was a great opportunity to practice tonging and transferring the pompoms to the correct cup.  If color matching is too tricky, just try transferring!  Or, try just color matching without the tongs.  Either way, your tot is learning colors and categorizing!
Grab some clear Contact paper and tape it to the sidewalk, sticky side up.  Let your tot explore the yard, picking up leaves, weeds, and sticks to “attach” and make a collage!
Fine motor skills are so easily developed through practical life learning.  Grab an empty bottle (we used a juice container) and a funnel.  Pair that up with some pinto beans and a measuring cup and I PROMISE you’ll have a captivated tot!  Dollar Tree sells funnels in a two pack.

Bring the outdoors in!  Our sunflowers are wilting but before they disappear, we bring them into make sunflower prints.  A little bit messy but a whole lot of fun!

Written by Jill