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HELP! I Need an Activity NOW!

Help I Need an Activity
You know that part of the day….

You are trying to cook dinner.
Nobody is getting along.
Or you keep hearing, “I’m bored”.
You need an ACTIVITY and you need it FAST!
It needs to be something QUICK with items you already own.
Your “Go To” List of Quick Activities: 
Materials: Sprite/7up, raisins
Materials: box, markers
Materials: cereal, ziplock, rolling pin
Materials: battery operated candles of any size
Materials: sink, water, bath toys
Materials: stuffed animal, leash or string
Materials: cups, bowl, uncooked beans
Materials: contact paper, random materials (straws, string, pom pons, toys)
Materials: paper, stickers, marker or crayon
Materials: cups, paper
Materials: plate or tray, baking soda, vinegar, cup, baster, or dropper
Materials: 2 pieces of paper
Materials: paper, pencil
Materials: paper, pencil, crayons/markers
Materials: paper, crayons, superhero toys
Materials: bag, handful of Legos
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