Host an Apple Themed Tot School

Apple Themed Tot School Activities
Fall is coming!!  While it doesn’t necessarily mean cooler temps (for us, at least!), it does mean a shift from sun and sand to leaves and… APPLES!  We had so much fun hosting an apple themed tot school, and maybe one of these idea may inspire you, too!
apple themed tot school
Tonging apples is so much fun!  I keep my eye out at the Dollar Tree for tiny acrylic apples.   Pair those with some tongs (Dollar Tree, four for a dollar) and a round paint tray and you have a great patterning activity!  Michaels, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby frequently have these counters, too.  Check for aisles
that sell vase fillers and they’re usually there!
apple themed tot school
I picked up a package of Fall-themed shapes at the teacher supply store and then found tiny objects to match each (I think I used an apple, acorn, corn, candy corn, squash, and pumpkin).  I also typed up each object’s name and laminated the strips.  The kiddos had to match the picture with the word with the object!
apple themed tot school
What’s an apple-themed playdate without mini apple pies?!  I made the crust and filler beforehand and the kiddos took turns filling theirs and then adding the pre-cut lattice strips on top.
Apple Themed Tot School
We also did some practical life learning by scooping the apples to make bite sized caramel apples.  NOTE: The balled apples must be VERY dry (think: paper towel) in order for the caramel to stick!
apple themed tot school
We had messy fun by making apple trees with paint and corks!  The kids dipped the cork into red, brown, yellow, and green paint and added “apples” to the blank trees that the mamas drew.
apple themed tot school
And finally, a little apple tree math was accomplished!  I drew a tree and added some numbers.  I used a Sharpee to write the numbers on red glass pebbles and the kids had to match the pebble to the correct circle.
So what do you think?  Could you host an apple-themed tot school?
Written by Jill
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