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Noodle Craft

This noodle craft is loads of fun and can be turned into a magnet or ornament!
Noodle Craft
uncooked spaghetti noodles
paint (optional)
First, cut any shape out of thick cardboard. We tried a heart and star.
You could also cut out letters, numbers, or keep it simple with just a square.
**If you want to turn this craft into an ornament, punch a hole in the cardboard before you start gluing.
Spread glue onto your shape and start laying the noodles onto the glue from top to bottom.
Once it is covered, let it dry overnight or at least for a few hours.
We used colored glitter glue so it didn’t dry clear which turned out ok.
Once it is dry, cut around the shape to trip the noodles.
Warning: Noodles flew everywhere!
Paint your shape, leave it “natural”, or glue on gems to decorate.