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Spider Bracelet Craft

Spider Bracelet Craft
Plastic spider rings seem to be everywhere this time of year! Use them to make this awesome Spider Bracelet Craft.
Spider Bracelet Craft
Ways to Learn with Plastic Spider Rings:
  • Sort the Spiders by Color
  • Count the Spiders
  • Make Patterns (orange, black, orange, black or orange, orange, black, orange, orange, black)
  • Transfer the spiders from a bowl to an ice cube tray with tongs or tweezers.
  • Make a Spider Bracelet
  • Add spiders to spider web slime
Spider Bracelet Craft
How to Make a Spider Bracelet:
  • Cut the ring part off of the back of the plastic spider and cut a pipe cleaner in half.
  • Put the middle of the pipe cleaner on top of the spider’s body.
  • Fold the ends of the pipe cleaner under the spider’s body and tightly twist the pipe cleaner to secure it.
  • Wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around your wrist and twist the ends again to finish.