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Making Family Memories

Every so often I get a much needed reminder to pause my to-do list and enjoy life’s moments. To remember what’s important, making family memories.

The other day I decided to ditch my chores and surprise B at school to eat lunch with him. Oh the hugs I got that afternoon made it totally worth it! As I was getting in the car I thought, “This is what life is about! Creating those every day memories and slowing down enough to enjoy the little things.” So lately that has been my focus.

Our kids may not remember the exact book titles we read together or the iPad games we beat together, but they will remember the quality time we spent and how they felt.

They may not remember how far they jumped during our family track meet, but they will remember that we laughed a lot during our family time. They will probably both remember how ridiculous I looked trying to do the long jump (just an extra bonus).

They won’t remember that we only spent $6 for a bucket of balls, but hopefully they will remember that as a family we have fun trying new things.

So don’t wait another day.

Take time to make family memories

and slow down to appreciate the ones that happen every day.

Trying something new together

Go for daily walks

Take turns sharing the favorite part of your day at dinner

Stop what you are doing and have a dance party

Cook together

Have a family movie night

Go on a date with one child at a time

Stop and spend 15 minutes playing something they love

Family Board Game Night

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hallmark. The opinions and text are all mine.