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Plants vs Zombies Activities (printables)

Plants vs Zombies Activities (printables)

My 6 year old LOVES to play Plants vs. Zombies video game right now! I have to admit I haven’t played it yet, but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to sneak in a little learning with Plants vs Zombies activities.


Plants vs Zombies Card Game

plants vs zombies card game free printable

Set up:

This Plants vs. Zombies game is played like War and is so much fun for kids of all ages.

Download and Print 3 copies of page 2 and 3 copies of page 3. Print page 4 on the back of your cards (optional).


  1. Give each player a Plants vs. Zombies cheat sheet (The last card on page 3.).
  2. Deal the cards evenly between the 2 players.
  3. Put them in a pile face down.
  4. Players flip over their top card and compare them.
  5. Use the Plants vs. Zombies cheat sheet to decide whose card wins the round.
  6. That player takes the cards for that round.
  7. If there is a tie, then each player pulls off their next card to compare and the winner of the round takes all of the cards.
  8. Melon-pult is the best plants to have and the zombie is the worst card to have!
  9. The person to collect all of the cards is the winner of the game or set a timer and the player with the most cards at the end of the time wins.

Targeted Skills:

A fun way to practice: 

  • sequencing
  • critical thinking
  • strategy


Plants vs. Zombies Dice Game

  • plants vs zombies dice game

How to Win:

Roll and cover the plants to defeat the zombie.


  1. Roll one die.
  2. Cover the corresponding number of plants (working left to right, top to bottom).
  3. When all of the plants and one zombie are covered, you win!
  4. While playing occasionally ask, “How many more do you need to win?”.
  5. Use cereal, candies, or blocks as your game pieces.


Targeted Skills:

  • number identification
  • counting
  • combinations of 5
  • combinations of 10
  • addition


Download the Plants vs. Zombies Card Game

Download the Plants vs. Zombies Dice Game


I hope you enjoy these free printables and have as much fun playing this popular game as much as we do!