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Thanksgiving Sorting (printable)

Thanksgiving Sorting (printable)

This Thanksgiving sorting activity is a fun way to introduce sorting as well as share about Thanksgiving with your child.  Be sure to check out the variations to modify it for an older toddler!

Thanksgiving Sorting Printable
thanksgiving sorting printable

This Thanksgiving Sorting Printable is free to download, print, and cut.

We used them for sorting with my 18 month old (who is just learning this skill), so I taped one of each picture into my handy (Dollar Tree) vegetable platter. You could also use paper plates or bowls, cups, or just attach them to a piece of paper.  I put the extra pieces in the middle and one piece at a time, I help my toddler find the correct place to put the piece.


thanksgiving sorting printable


Since she is just starting out, we do it together and I ask questions like “can you find the another turkey?” or suggest “let’s put this piece with that hat right there”.  With younger toddlers, you could also choose just two or three pictures to use and just do those.


  • Memory – Get two pieces of each image and flip them upside down.  Choose two pieces each turn, trying to find a match.  Start with just two or three sets if this game is new to your child.
  • Counting – Count the pieces.  Ask your child to find two pilgrim boys, three ears of corn, etc.  You could always print out a second set to get higher numbers.
  • Patterns – Create a simple repeating pattern using the pieces and help your child complete the pattern.  Ex: turkey, corn, turkey, ?
  • Hunt and Sort – Spice up the game for a child who is good at sorting – “hide” pieces around the room for them to find and put them in the correct place as they find them.

 Download the  Thanksgiving Sorting Printable


Written by Alicia

Wednesday 10th of August 2016

Thanksgiving Sorting (printable) - The Activity Mom

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

Thursday 21st of November 2013

Great ideas, I will have to try this next year when my son is older.