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December Busy Boxes

December Busy Boxes
It’s Busy Box time!  With me teaching part-time and my mother-in-law watching the boys, these boxes have become even more valuable!  They are packed and ready to go, which is a great thing for both the 2 year old and the Grandma!
Here are the December Busy Boxes we have been using:
december busy boxes
G (2 years old) LOVES open and close type activities but it’s up to me to keep it new and fresh.  So this month, we focused on shapes.  All the boxes have lids that pop off but I have all different shapes, and each with a marble inside.
december busy boxes
 I found this divided container at our market (you are supposed to fill olives with it) but asked if I could JUST pay for the container.  They let me have it for free (yay!) so I paired it with kiddie chopsticks and colored pompoms.  It’s a great fine motor transferring activity and a way to practice color sorting.
december busy boxes


I know it seems simple but do you know how magical bubbles are?  Both my 2 year old and my 10 month old LOVE when we blow bubbles for them.  The 2 year old is JUST learning how to do it himself and no, I don’t mind if we do it inside.  I have him stand on a towel in our kitchen and clean up after.
december busy boxes
I grabbed a pill box from the Dollar Tree and paired it with tiny farm animals, but Cheerios or marbles or coins would work, too!  The goal is to open each section (work those tiny fingers!) and hide the object.  Then, try to open it and free it!  Of course, with any small objects, always watch your kiddo VERY closely.
december busy boxes

And I mean, it IS the holiday season so we have a busy BASKET too!  EVERY year after Christmas, I scour craft stores for the deeply discounted holiday craft sets.  Each day, we let the kids pick ONE craft and we work on it together.  Super fun and they ALWAYS look forward to it!

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Written by Jill