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Toddler Approved Christmas Traditions

Toddler Approved Christmas Traditions
Christmas looks a little differently when you have little ones running around.  We keep the decorating to a minimum (the 10 month is crawling and eating EVERYTHING and the 2 year old has an affinity for throwing balls that crash into things).  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t establish some super fun Christmas traditions that grow with your kiddos!

Santa Prints

I used my hubby’s shoe as a template and cut out a “boot” print from cardboard.  Every Christmas Eve, we use the stencil and flour to create a track from the chimney to the tree!

Advent Acts

Toddler Christmas Traditions 2
 I type up acts of service and hide one slip behind each door.  These change as the kids grow, but so far, my two year old has loved “help clean Sissy’s room,” “Put napkins on the table for dinner,” and “Help Mommy fold laundry.”

Shopping… On a Budget

Toddler Christmas Traditions 3
Before we head out, we make a list of who we would like to buy gifts for, and that usually includes immediate family PLUS grandparents and aunts.  Then, we count up the people and I give out that number of dollar bills.
Toddler Christmas Traditions 4
We head to the Dollar Store and GREAT thought is put into EACH present.  You and I know that the gifts are only a dollar, but it really empowers young ones to spend money in a caring and thoughtful way!

Homemade Dough

Toddler Christmas Traditions 5
We always pick up some peppermint oil at the Dollar Tree (see above!) and make HUGE batches of snow dough, adding a touch of glitter of course!  We package them up in the snack size Gladware containers, tie on a bow, and hand them out to our neighborhood friends!
Written by Jill

Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

Tuesday 10th of December 2013

I love the flour Santa foot prints. So cute.