American Girl Doll Play

I have a 6 year old who LOVES all things American Girl.  She saves every dollar to buy accessories, pours over catalogs, and is all about American Girl Doll play from sun up to sun down!  Here are a couple of ways we play even more!
american girl doll play
With her last catalog, I waited until she had thoroughly enjoyed it and then went through and cut out the dolls.
American Girl Doll Play
I ran each doll through my laminator (I have always used THIS one and love it).
American Girl Doll Play
Once laminated, I popped a few magnets on the back of each doll.
American Girl Doll Play
Once up on the fridge, she had a fun set of modern paper dolls to play with!
We later moved them to her large white board, where she drew scenes for the dolls to play in.
American Girl Doll Play
Another fun activity is to make pipe cleaner crowns.
M’s dolls are always being invited to tea parties she throws, so we thought it’d be fun to fancy them up!  I grabbed a pack of sparkly pipe cleaners at Hobby Lobby and we twisted and turned and shaped them into fabulous crowns!
Do your little ones love American Girl?  A big secret (which is not so secret) is that Target’s My Generation brand is GREAT for doll clothes and more reasonably priced accessories!
Written by Jill
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