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Bug Color Matching Activity (printable)

Bug Color Matching Activity (printable)

If your little one is starting to notice or identify colors, then this bug color matching activity is a great way to get started. This free, printable game can be used for matching, sorting, or playing Memory. A color matching game is a great first activity to try with your toddler or preschooler. Just print, download, and match. 


Bug Color Matching - FREE Printable

Bug Color Matching

  1. First, download and Print the Bug Color Matching document and cut out each card.
  2. Then, match each bug to its correct color leaf. Name the colors as you match them.


Targeted Skills:

  • color recognition
  • color identification
  • matching
  • visual discrimination
  • sorting
  • vocabulary development

If your child doesn’t know all of the color names yet, help him by thinking aloud. Point to the blue bug and say, “Here’s the blue bug. I wonder where the blue leaf is?” Your child can find the matching color and at the same time is learning the name of the color is blue.

Other Ideas:

  • Turn it into a listening activity. “Can you put the orange ladybug on the purple leaf?” Early learners love this challenge.
  • Print two sets of cards and use them to play a Memory game.
  • Write capital and lowercase letters on the bugs and leaves to practice matching letters.
  • Write numerals on the bugs and the equivalent dots on the leaves to practice counting and matching numbers.
  • Use these cards in a Busy Bag.
  • Hide the cards around the room and turn it into a Hide and Seek matching game. This is a fun game!
  • Match small toys to the leaf or bug of the right color.
  • Put magnets on the back and move this matching activity to a vertical surface such as the fridge or magnetic easel. 
  • Match the ladybugs to their color words.
  • For a fine motor skills task, print the bug matching sheets and challenge your child to cut them out.
  • Count the spots on each ladybug.
  • Arrange the bugs in rainbow order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. 

Ladybug Books



Is your little one interested in ladybugs? Try reading The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle.


A Ladybug’s Life by John Himmelman

Ladybug Poems

5 Little Ladybugs

5 little ladybugs peeping at the door,

One flew away and then there were 4.

4 little ladybugs sitting by a tree,

One flew away and then there were 3.

3 little ladybugs looking at you,

One flew away and then there were 2. 

2 little ladybugs playing in the sun,

One flew away and then there was 1.

1 little ladybug left all alone,

She flew away and then there were none. 



Ladybug, Ladybug

Ladybug, ladybug,

fly out on the farm,

and land right on,

my little arm. 


Ladybug, ladybug,

fly out of the tree,

and land right on, 

my little knee.


Ladybug, ladybug,

fly out of your bed, 

and land right on,

my little head.


Ladybug, ladybug,

fly out of the rose,

and land right on,

my little nose.

Ladybug Facts

Did you know that some ladybugs have white spots and some even have stripes? Ladybugs live all over the world, except for really cold places. Find out more awesome facts about ladybugs at Itsy Bitsy Fun


Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

This paper plate ladybug craft from Mrs. Plemons’ Kindergarten is a simple craft for young kids. First, paint the paper plate red. Let it dry. Next, stamp the plate with black circles of paint. Let it dry. Then, attach a black circle for the head. Add googly eyes and 2 antennae. 



Make sure to check out our other 60+ Matching Activities that you and your child will love!

Matching is an important skill. It involves attention to detail and visual discrimination. Matching makes connections in the brain which will benefit Math and Literacy skills. You and your child can match using printables, blocks, socks, stickers, and more. When matching becomes easy and quick, try introducing a game of Memory with 5 or 6 pairs. You may need to also think aloud when you are teaching your child this game so they see different memorization strategies in action. 



Friday 29th of May 2020

Thank you you are amazing and your ideas are wonderful.


Monday 11th of September 2017

How do I download this? I can't see a link. It is lovely! thank you!


Monday 11th of September 2017

Click on Bug Color Matching next to the #1. Sorry about is undergoing some upgrades and that is one thing that we need to fix. =) Enjoy!


Friday 28th of August 2015

This is adorable! Every time I try to download though, I get an error. Is there any way you could email me the file? Thanks! lswofford(at)gashlandumc(dot)org


Saturday 29th of August 2015

Yes! Sending the file to you now.

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