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10 Easy Snack Mix Recipes for Kids (free printable)

10 Easy Snack Mix Recipes for Kids (free printable)

With my resolution to create new memories in the new year, getting into the kitchen with N has been a priority. I’ve found it is so hard for her to wait for things to bake and cool.  These snack mix recipes for kids are the perfect, no bake solution and a fun way to get into the kitchen together.

Not only are these easy recipes simple enough for N to make on her own, but they are in a format, targeted specifically for beginning readers so that she can follow the recipe and develop beginning reading skills at the same time. It is a great way to integrate math and reading in the kitchen.

These snack mixes are a great thing for birthday parties. They are a great addition to a long hike. The best part is they are so much fun to make!


Snack Mix Recipes Kids Can Make

Download the Alpha-bits Snack Mix Recipe

This fun snack includes Alpha-Bits, pretzels, peanuts, raisins, chocolate chips, and marshmallows

Original Recipe from Just Short of Crazy


snack mix recipes for kids

Download the After School Snack Mix Recipe

This great snack includes Corn Flakes, Cheerios, raisins, almonds, Reeses Pieces

Original Recipe from Spoonful


Snack mix recipes for kids

Download the Sweet and Salty Snack Mix Recipe

A perfect snack for movie night and its a sweet treat. Make it in a big bowl. Includes popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, raisins, m&ms, and candy corn

Original Recipe from Taste of Home


Snack Mix Recipes for Kids

Download the Ranch Snack Mix Recipe

This no-bake snack mix includes Crispix, pretzels, Cheese crackers, vegetable oil or olive oil, and a packet of Ranch Seasoning Mix

Original Recipe from Just a Pinch


Download the Gone Fishing Snack Mix Recipe

Reminds me of a homemade trail mix. Includes Goldfish, pretzels, Cheerios, almonds, gummy worms

Original Recipe from The Daily Meal


Download the Wild Animal Snack Mix Recipe

Love the different textures! Includes animal crackers, popcorn, Craisins (or any dried fruit)

Original Recipe from Cooking Light


Download the Cheese Freak Snack Mix Recipe

This healthy snack includes Goldfish, pretzels, dried apples, peanuts

Original Recipe from Cooking Light


Download the Sweet Tooth Snack Mix Recipe

This kid-friendly snack mix includes pretzels, Cheerios, marshmallows, raisins, and m&ms

Original Recipe from Cooking Light


Download the Smore Please Snack Mix Recipe for Kids

A unique twist on smores. Includes popcorn, Golden Grahams (or broken up graham cracker), marshmallows, raisins, m&ms

Original Recipe from Cooking Light


Download the Nuts and Bolts Snack Mix Recipe

This crunchy snack mix includes mixed nuts, pretzels, Cheerios, raisins, m&ms

Original Recipe from Cooking Light


These healthy recipes are great for after school snacks. Mix in a large bowl and keep these snacks in an airtight container or plastic bag. You can also portion them out in a little snack bag ahead of time for lunch boxes. Perfect for homemade road trip snacks to take on long car rides or road trips!

Find more recipes like these in our Cooking to Learn eBook!


Friday 30th of May 2014

How cool is this? I can't wait to make these with my kids. I needed some summer snacks to take along with us on our park days and these are perfect.