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God Made Everything Colors Book (printable)

God Made Everything Colors Book (printable)
God made everything colors book

Several months ago, we did a color of the week in our Tot School with my daughter.  One of the things we tied in with our colors was the Bible lesson that “God made everything.”  I chose an item for each color and we would do a little craft activity with that item, talking about both the color and how God made that animal, plant, etc.  You can read more about what we did in my original post here.

As we finished each page, I would laminate it and add it to our book.  She still plays with this book (and coordinating felt pieces I made) often, even months later.  At the time, all the pages were done by hand (because I was coming up with them on the fly week by week!), but I have since made a printable version of the book to share with you!

You can use these as simply as coloring pages, or you can find other ways for your child to decorate the pages.  Here are some ideas we used throughout the book:

  • Do-A-Dot Paints
  • Finger Paints
  • Painting with cotton balls
  • Gluing tissue paper or construction paper onto the page
God made everything colors bookGod made everything colors book

You and your tot will enjoy creating this book and reading through it together over and over again!

Download your FREE copy:

God Made Everything Cover

Printable God Made Everything pages


God made everything colors bookGod made everything colors book
Written by Alicia



Friday 28th of February 2014

absolutely wonderful, read both posts. thank you soo much for sharing these for free. i only wish i had started to introduce God to my youngest sooner. But, she is 4 and still LOVES God, & attends Sunday School, Kidz Service & Kidz Club at our new church. ;D Thanks again!