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Pig Shape Matching Activity for Your Toddler (printable)

Pig Shape Matching Activity for Your Toddler (printable)

We are spending a lot of time exploring 2d shapes with my toddler right now, and I wanted a fun matching game to play with her. That’s why I made this pig shape matching printable. 

These cards are a great way to practice shape matching with your toddler or preschooler! It is a fun way for young learners to learn shape names.

pig shape matching
  1. Simply print out two copies of these pig themed shapes onto card stock, cut them apart, and laminate if desired.
  2. Your toddler can then say name of the shape and match the pigs with the matching shape.

Included Shapes:

  • square
  • circle
  • triangle
  • rectangle
  • oval
  • star
  • heart
  • diamond/rhombus



For this toddler activity, you can always start with just a few shapes if your child is just getting started like mine.

If you need an advanced option, use these pig shape matching cards as a Memory game.

This shape matching game can be used in a math center, turned into a file folder game, or used as a busy bag.

Other Ideas:

  • Manipulative Matching – Find small objects to represent each shape and allow your little one to match the object to the correct shape card!
  • Sensory Bin Manipulative Matching – Hide small shape objects in a sensory bin of rice, sand, beans, etc. and as your child finds the shape, have them match it to the correct card. This is the perfect game to combine with sensory play.
  • Memory – Turn the cards face down (all or just a few pairs depending on the challenge you want) and try to remember where to find the matching card.
  • Scavenger Hunt –Choose a card and search through the house (or outside!) to find something that is that shape.


Download the Pig Shape Matching HERE


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Saturday 23rd of July 2016

These are so cute! I'm going to add these to my 3 Little Pigs week. Thanks so much

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Thursday 17th of September 2015

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Tuesday 4th of August 2015

So cute! Thank you very much.