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Big G Cereal Heroes

Big G Cereal Heroes

Inner Batman

We already know how important it is to start the day with a good breakfast. Now we can take it one step further by adding creativity, confidence, and extra reading with Big G Cereal Heroes.

Big G Cereal

Dress as your favorite Super Hero with costume pieces you will find on the back of Big G Cereal boxes.

The excitement in our house about eating our favorite Cheerios and getting to dress up was off the charts!

free comic books

Now through April, you can get a FREE DC Heroes Comic book featuring the JUSTICE LEAGUE in specially marked boxes of Big G cereals. BONUS! These books have inspired extra reading in our house.

You can visit the Big G Cereal’s Heroes to check out the free comic books.

Superhero confidence

So start your day with confidence AND a great breakfast! Mix in creativity with costumes, fun comic book reading, and all of the sudden I’m the hero!

Thanks to Big G for sponsoring this post and inspiring some fun #SuperHeroing in our house. 


Christy Garrett Parenting Tips

Tuesday 18th of March 2014

I love Big G cereals. Your kids are cute, thank you for sharing.