Rainbow Q-Tip Painting

 Having kids at different ages and stages can sometimes be tricky, so I’m always thinking of ways to engage BOTH kiddos (age 6 and age 2) in fun ways.  Pointillism rainbows met that requirement and was a great seasonal activity!
First, I drew (freehand… No teasing!) two pots on their papers.  They colored them in.
Then, I poured a bit of red fingerprint on a plate and drew a pale red arc.  They dipped their Q-Tip in the red paint, following the line, and dotting their way across!
rainbow q-tip painting

 After red, we followed up those steps with orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple!

But our rainbows needed some gold, too!

rainbow q-tip painting

 Each kiddo got a pen of gold glitter glue (Dollar Tree has awesome sets… for a DOLLAR!).

M was very deliberate while G…
rainbow q-tip painting
Just loved squeezing the glitter.
rainbow q-tip painting
This was such a fun, easy, and CHEAP project!
Written by Jill
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