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Puzzle Egg Hunt

Puzzle Egg Hunt

You can have egg hunts all month long without having to fill the eggs with candy or cheap toys. The trick….a puzzle egg hunt!

Puzzle Egg Hunt

Stuff the eggs with 2-3 puzzle pieces and hide them around the house or yard.

Some puzzle pieces may be too large to stuff in the eggs, but the 100 piece puzzles seem to be the perfect size.

Puzzle Egg Hunt 2

Go on an egg hunt. After you find all of the eggs, dump the pieces on the table and work together to complete the puzzle.

It was great to hear their conversation. “We must be missing a few eggs, because I don’t see the piece that belongs there!” They quickly grabbed their baskets and went off searching for the missing eggs.

 After the puzzle was complete, the prize was an Easter craft to work on. They didn’t seem to mind at all that not one egg was filled with candy!

Written by Anne