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Play Smarter with Dice+

Play Smarter with Dice+



Our family loves playing together, and we are big board game fans! I think we can all agree that board games are a great way to connect and make memories. They’re also a fun way to teach important skills.

  • Playing board games together fosters social skills, such as fairness and respect for others.
  • Board games help children develop numerous critical thinking skills.
  • Board games can aid in the instruction of deductive logic. (Clue)
  • Board games can teach financial principles, as well as lessons in reasoning. (Monopoly)
  • Board games help with pattern detection and arithmetic. (Mancala)
  • Board games usually involve some degree of counting and probability, especially where dice are concerned.
  • Perhaps most exciting of all, some studies have shown that, when compared with others lacking game play experience, students who had played board games showed stronger abilities in mathematics and reasoning later in life.

Given the amount of pressure today’s parents are under to hone and foster such skills in their children, it’s encouraging to know that something as simple and fun as gathering around a board game can help. And with all of the new developments in game play, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever!

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Dice+ is a fun, electronic die that connects with your tablet via Bluetooth.

  • Forgo clunky and expensive traditional boardgames for their digital editions, all stored in one convenient app (and most priced at $2 or less!).
  • You lose none of the tactile experience that kids love and gain all of the developmental benefits – not to mention family fun!
  • Dice+ integrated games are constantly growing in number, and range from simple counting games for ages three and up to complex epics of strategy, with some fun, physical games like Twister for your fingers mixed in.

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It’s often been said that the family that plays together, stays together, so gather yours around a board game or tablet tonight and start playing smarter!

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Dice+ is offering special savings for Activity Mom Readers!  Enjoy and let us know what games are your favorite!

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