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Flashlight Sight Words

Flashlight Sight Words

Flashlight Sight Words

Flashlight Sight Words

This is a really fun way to start introducing sight words in a way that gets kids excited to both write and read! Let your child guide you with words that interest them. My daughter really wanted to know all the names in our family, so we started with those words.

Flashlight Sight Words 2

Write one word on each star and tape them to the wall or ceiling.

Flashlight Sight Words 5

Once it gets dark, turn off all the lights, and give your child a flashlight. Have them shine their flashlight on each word and read it. She LOVES doing this and can’t wait to add more “stars to her sky.”

Flashlight Sight Words 6

When we were practicing our “flashlight reading” tonight she asked if we could do color words and shape words next. She is having so much fun reading the room at any time of day, but the flashlight makes it even cooler at night!

Written by Anne

Christy Garrett Parenting Tips

Wednesday 14th of May 2014

Cool idea, thank you for sharing.