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Simple Summer Water Play

Simple Summer Water Play

Simple Summer Water Play

Don’t feel like filling up the kiddie pool?  Try these simple and fun ways to get wet and stay cool with minimal preparation.

Fence Painting.  Maybe it’s Tom Sawyer syndrome, but I remember spending several hot summer days as a child “working” hard to paint our fence with water and a paintbrush.  Getting to use a real grownup paintbrush was exciting and of course, not all of the water made it to the fence!

painting with water

Driveway Masterpiece. Grab a bucket of water and a paintbrush and create a water masterpiece on the driveway.  Add some flare by drawing with sidewalk chalk first!  This is also a fun way to practice shapes, letter formation, or spelling.

Bike Wash. Pull out the bikes and some soapy water and host a neighborhood bike wash.

turkey baster water transfer

Dump and Pour.  Buckets and cups full of water are great for transferring water back and forth and exploring how different “tools” hold water.  Sponges, wash cloths and bath or pool toys are great for this!

Just Add Bubbles.  Add some soap bubbles to those buckets or tubs of water for some good, clean fun.  Baby shampoo from the dollar store is an inexpensive and tear-free way to play.

Color Play.  Add different color food coloring to various containers and let your little Picasso explore color mixing.  Go easy and just use a few drops so you don’t have any issues with staining.

inside water play

Water Feast. Raid your kitchen cabinets for some bowls and pots and let your little one whip up an imaginary meal. Add some utensils like slotted spoons, ladles, plastic measuring cups, and a turkey baster to let your child really cook up a storm!

ice cube transfer

Cold as Ice.  Toss some ice cubes into the water bucket and let your kids fish them out using spoons or cups (or their hands or feet!). Have a contest to see who can find a way to make their ice cube last longest or melt the fastest.

Stay cool and enjoy your Summer water play!

Written by Alicia