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Kids’ Toilet Problems Solved

Kids’ Toilet Problems Solved

Kids Toilet Problems Solved

Potty training is over. The kids are out of diapers, BUT there are still toilet problems!

PROBLEM 1: The kids forget to flush the toilet!

Kids are in a hurry and forget to flush OR don’t like to flush.

Problem 2: GERMS

If they do remember to flush, GERMS become the problem. Germs everywhere! Yuck!

Solution: KOHLER’S Touchless Toilet Technology

Kohler Touchless Flush Kit

Simply, swipe your hand above the sensor and it automatically flushes. Isn’t that awesome?!

The touchless feature stops the spread of germs and the magical flushing experience will help everyone remember.

Kohler Touchless Technology

This kit was SO easy to install (about 10 minutes). Not only does it solve our bathroom problems, but it gave our bathroom a fancy upgrade.

Problem 3: Night Time Trips to the Bathroom

Traveling in the dark to the bathroom can be scary for little ones. Lights get turned on everywhere which wake up siblings or guests.

Problem 4: “Missing” the Toilet at Night

You try to avoid turning on lights that will wake up others and because of that your kids end up “missing” the toilet. A germy mess!

Solution: The Nightlight Toilet Seat by KOHLER


The battery operated light is set with a timer so I don’t have to remember a thing.

The glow illuminates just the right areas. It won’t keep you awake, but it’s enough light to guide you in the middle of the night.

This is the perfect solution in our Jack and Jill bathroom.

This post is sponsored by KOHLER. The text and opinions are my own.