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DIY Pool Noodle Card Holder

DIY Pool Noodle Card Holder

DIY Pool Noodle Card Holders


This DIY pool noodle card holder a simple solution for little hands playing card games!

Until this point we have played our card games with “open hands” (all of our cards facing up in plain view for everyone to see). The advantages to playing that way are it saves time organizing the cards in their hands, you can easily offer help if needed, and occasionally it helps me know what card I need to play to end a really long game of Uno.  I was even happy to see my son start to look at other player’s hands to plan his moves accordingly. Hey, that is good thinking in my opinion!

Now the time has come where we need to add the challenge of hiding our hands from the eyes of other players.

The simple solution…DIY card holders from pool noodles.


  • pool noodles (1 noodle = set of 2)
  • knife
  • cutting board

DIY Card Holder 1



First, cut the pool noodle to the desired length by cutting it in half or thirds.

Then, slice a thin piece from the bottom making it flat (pictured). This will allow it to stay upright and not roll.

DIY Pool Noodle Card Holder 3


Using the knife, cut a slit along the top (cutting about half way through the pool noodle, but not all the way through to the bottom). I stopped about an inch from each side, but it isn’t necessary. You can cut the slit from end to end.

Pool Noodle Card Holders


That’s it! Such a simple solution. Now your child can organize and move their cards around easily.

Note: The cards pictured are oversized, you will be able to fit more standard size playing cards in your card holders.


Friday 11th of July 2014

I LOVE this! Great idea!