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The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

Years ago, a student in my 1st grade class told me about the Switch Witch visiting his house on Halloween Night. We’ll see if she stops by our house tonight!

The Switch Witch is an extremely nice witch, who flies around on Halloween night looking for families with a single piece of candy left outside their front door. If she sees the candy, she knows there is a child in the house willing to make a switch with her! She is a rather shy witch, so not all children know about her. Tell your friends so she can find your house…if you are willing to switch the candy for a toy!

 Here’s how it works!

After Trick-or-Treating you still get all the fun or sorting and eating some of your candy. But once it’s time for bed, you have to decide if you are willing to “switch” your Halloween Candy for a toy. You get to pick 5 pieces of candy that you want to keep from your Halloween loot, but the rest of it stays in your bag. Pick a spot in your house that the Switch Witch can’t miss! We are putting our candy bags by the fireplace. The Switch Witch will take your candy from the bag, and leave a toy in its place!

 Switch Witch Poem

I am the Switch Witch, nice as can be

I fly on my broom in search of candy

On Halloween night when the treats are no more

Leave a single piece of candy outside your door

That is the signal that I should arrive

To take Halloween candy, but leave a surprise

The better than candy, the better the gift

Leave me some good stuff – you get my drift?

I’m quick as can be, but I’ll soon disappear

I am the Switch Witch, I’ll see you next year!

Written by Anne