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Personalized Art for Kids

Personalized Art for Kids

Make your own personalized art!


  • canvas (any size)
  • material
  • glue
  • felt
  • buttons

First, cover the front side of the canvas in any kind of fabric. I have three girls, so princesses was an obvious choice! We just used tacky glue and it worked great at attaching the fabric to the canvas. Be sure to pull the fabric taut so it doesn’t buckle. Allow it to dry completely.

Next, cut out your child’s initial on a piece of felt and glue this to the fabric covered canvas using the same tacky glue.

Using a variety of buttons (we used heart shaped buttons) and the tacky glue, cover the felt initial completely.

It looks great to make layers and “stack” some of the buttons. Let the kids have fun, there is no right/wrong way to do this part!

We hung them in our hallway above the kids art boards. They were fun to make and it helps the kids keep track of whose art goes where!

Written by Anne