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Hand Painted Postcards

Hand Painted Postcards

Kids Painted Postcards

Hand Painted Postcards is a great indoor activity, especially when it’s too cold to be playing outside! Start with some sturdy cardboard. We found some from leftover packaging, and just recycled it. Using a paper cutter, cut it into 4×6 pieces or whatever size works based on your cardboard.

DIY Kids' Postcards


Using craft paint, paint designs and pictures on the front of each postcard. We painted some wooden craft sticks and stamped them on the post cards as a fun design as well.

Kids Handmade Postcards

Next, draw a picture or write a message on the back side of the postcard. I drew a line down the middle of each postcard, so they knew where to draw, and where we needed to write the mailing address.

DIY Postcards for Kids

This was a fun conversation talking about the different parts that are required in mailing addresses, as well as their placement on a postcard. Where does the name go? On which corner do we put the stamp? Lots of GREAT conversation about how this information helps to get the piece of mail delivered to the correct location!


The last step was a walk to the mailboxes.


The kids were SO EXCITED to surprise their family and friends by sending them a homemade postcard.

We even sent a few to their teachers at school. Definitely a project we will do again!

Written by Anne