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Tape Art for Kids

Tape Art for Kids

Masking Tape Art for Kids


We recently bought a craft tape dispenser and the kids have had SO MUCH fun using it in so many ways. Today we tried making tape art with a white canvas, tape, and acrylic paint.

Masking Tape Art


The first step was letting the kids place the masking tape on the canvas. Try to let them just go with it. It was great to see how much fun they had overlapping the tape and putting it in different directions.

Tape Art for Kids


Then the kids chose their paint colors and starting painting.  Our friend who just turned 5 wanted to paint a picture on her canvas, while her 2 ½ year old brother just wanted to cover his canvas with paint. I had some non-traditional supplies on the table for them to use as well – forks, spoons, combs, Q-tips. They really seemed to enjoy painting with forks!

Tape Resist Art


Once the paint is dry, let the kids try to find the masking tape and pull up each piece.

Kids' Tape Art on a Canvas


They were so excited to see the designs they had made once the tape came off.

Written by Anne