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DIY Chia Pet

DIY Chia Pet

Make Your Own Chia Pet


  • raw eggs
  • soil
  • grass seed
  • water
  • sharpies for decorating
  • small paper cups to stand your DIY Chia Pet on

Egg Friend Craft

First crack the top part of the egg and pour out the raw egg.

DIY Chia Pet

Decorate your Egg Friend! Sharpies work great, just remember to be careful, they are fragile. We also used some adhesive foam shapes to decorate the eggs and cup holders. We used a small paper cup and cut out the bottom of the cup, and then turned it upside down. It prevents the egg from rolling over.

Egg Planters


Next, add soil, and then sprinkle grass seed on top of the soil. Add a little more soil to gently cover the grass seed. Then water, just until the soil is wet.

Egg Friends Craft


Now comes the hard part…waiting for your friend’s grass “hair” to grow.

Make Your Own Chia Pet

Within 5-10 days your friend should be ready for a “haircut!”

Written by Anne