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DIY Toddler Ball Pit

DIY Toddler Ball Pit

My 14 month-old little man has been OBSESSED with balls since he was about 10 months old. It was his first word and continues to be the word said most often every day. My husband came up with the idea of a DIY Toddler Ball Pit.

DIY Toddler Ball Pit

So we thought, why not fill the pack-n-play?! So we bought a bag of ball pit balls for 30 bucks and he loves it. It has been one of little man’s favorite things to do.

Make Your Own Toddler Ball Pit

Reasons why a DIY Toddler Ball Pit is so awesome:

  • It’s portable! Roll it to the bathroom doorway and take a nice, hot shower while your toddler has a grand, old time. Just watch for flying balls coming into the tub!
  • It extends the use of your pack-n-play. My son is not one to sit and play with toys in the pack-n-play anymore, or sleep in it either. But he will play with balls in it for a long time!

Games to play:

  • Little man likes to throw balls out of it and he loves it when we throw them back in to him. When that gets tiring, we put a diaper box next to the pack-n-play for him to throw the balls into!
  • We also like to play a game of hide-and-seek with one of his other toys. We hide a toy in the ball pit and he looks around in the balls to find it.

Written by Adrianne