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Playground Fun with a One Year Old

Playground Fun with a One Year Old

My one year old and I always love going to the playground. He loves to explore, climb, swing and slide with me close by making sure he’s safe. Today while we were getting ready to go he was carrying around his ball and I thought how much fun a ball would be at the playground! Why hadn’t I thought to bring one before?! So we brought the ball with us and had so much fun!

Playground Fun with Your One Year Old

While we were at the playground we:

  • Rolled it back and forth on the ground
  • Passed it back and forth in the swings (more like I put it in the swing with him when he came forward) Note: I only recommend this if your child is still in a baby swing!!
  • Placed it at the top of the slide and watched it roll back down– This was a huge hit!
  • Threw it at the climbing wall and chased it when it came back our way
  • Threw it over the climbing wall and ran to the other side to see where it went– Also a huge hit!
  • Passed it back and forth in a little tunnel
  • Passed it over and under a little pretend concession stand

Playground and Your One Year Old

I know doing all of this stimulated a lot of thinking for my little one. He was developing his knowledge of cause and effect, understanding gravity, but most of all having a blast!

The playground is obviously fun enough by itself, but switching it up today was very exciting. It made me think about other things that would make the playground even more fun than it already is, like cars and trucks (which would be fun on a slide!), bubbles of course which would be fun to swing through, or a stuffed animal friend that might like to take a slide as well…
Written by Adrianne