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Colored Oobleck

Colored Oobleck

Colored Oobleck Sensory

I took a trip back to my childhood today and made some colored Oobleck with my son. In case you’ve never made this it is just corn starch and water. It makes the strangest consistency– halfway between a solid and a liquid. I could sit for hours and just play with it in my hands. Well today my son and I decided we would add some color to our oobleck and see if we could make some art out of it!

So here’s oobleck paint!

To make it just keep mixing corn starch with water until it gets difficult to stir. Then feel it with your hands. It should almost melt in your hands but feel solid when you try to stir it.

Colored Oobleck Recipe

We took our oobleck paint outside and played with it for a bit. I brought out a piece of paper in case we wanted to use that. More got on us than the paper but oh well. We found it lots of fun to pour it into our plastic bin and stir it around with our hands. This was a blast!

Oobleck Sensory Play

TIP: Go light on the food coloring. It took a long soapy bath to get the blue out of his hands!

Written by Adrianne