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Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe

My son loves pizza but it’s not something I usually have on hand. I do, however, usually have grilled cheese ingredients! Here’s a Pizza Grilled Cheese Recipe thats an easy way to get your child cooking with you in the kitchen!

Butter (optional)
Toppings like pepperoni, veggies, meat, etc.
Tomato sauce

Set your kids up with a plate and one slice of bread. Have them add cheese and whatever toppings they want on it. Add the next slice of bread on top.

Grill it like you’d normally do. I use a panini grill, but you could just do it on the stovetop too.

When the cheese has melted and it’s golden brown it’s done! Cut it into strips, squares, or triangles.  Let it cool a bit then hand it back to your child.

Pour some tomato sauce in a little bowl as a dipper! This is what my son loves to do, and was the inspiration for this lunch. Dippers are so popular with ALL kids!

Trust me, it tastes delicious like pizza!

Written by Adrianne