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Rainy Day Activities for One Year Olds

Rainy Day Activities for One Year Olds

Rainy days don’t have to be long days with one year olds! There are lots of ways to have fun using things you already have in the house. Here are some fun rainy day activities for one year olds.

Today was a rainy day and I was babysitting a little one year old boy the same age as my son. We usually take a trip to the park in the morning but the weather wasn’t cooperating. So, here are a few things we did using things you’ll already have (most likely!)

Rainy Day Activities

We blew bubbles in the house! We love doing this. It’s one of our favorite things to do. And its a great way to distract a fussy baby or toddler.

Activities for Your One Year Old

We got out something they’ve never played with. In this case it was a stainless steel bowl from the kitchen. Since it’s not my house I don’t usually raid the kitchen, but today it was called for. They spent a good half hour putting blocks in and taking blocks out. They loved the sound of the blocks hitting the metal bowl. Then we got out some spoons… Oh boy!

We put on some music and had a little dance party! They love taking turns getting swung around to the beat!

Indoor Activities for One Year Olds

Then we thought we should make our own music so we made a shaker with a water bottle and a few blocks.

Rainy Day Activities

We used a couch cushion as a ramp for our cars and trucks. They both just started making truck sounds which is adorable. It was fun watching them chase them as they rolled down the ramp!

Games for One Year Olds

Then we played this silly game where I put things where they didn’t belong, such as shoes on my hands and foam blocks on my head. For some reason this game is pretty hilarious to a one year old. They ended up bringing me more and more things to wear as a “hat”.

Before we knew it it was lunch time and nap time and we didn’t hardly miss going to the park.
Maybe the next rainy day we will:
  • throw some towels on the floor and set up some bowls and cups with water.
  • make a fort out of cardboard boxes.
  • fill ziploc bags with paint and tape to a table to play with
…so many fun things to do!
Written by Adrianne