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Learn to Spell Your Name

Learn to Spell Your Name

Learn to spell your name with this fun sensory bin!

1. Fill a plastic bin with the sensory item of your choice.  Some great ones for this activity are rice, pebbles, sand, flour, colored pasta, or beans.

2.  Write your child’s name on a card and place it in or beside the sensory bin.

3.  Hide the letters to your child’s name in the bin.  I also added some other items (bouncy balls and spiky balls) to “trick” her.

4.  Provide various tools to help your child seek out the letters – spoons, tongs, scoopers, measuring cups, tweezers and encourage her to dig and find all the letters in her name.

5.  Once all letters are found, have your preschooler arrange the letters to match the sample you provided.

Try these fun variations:

Hide numbers and have them put the numbers in the correct order.
Hide letters from sight words or spelling words for older children.
Include “sneaky” letters that don’t belong in their name and make them select only the correct letters.
Hide a selection of matching uppercase and lower letters and help your child make pairs.

Sing your child’s name in this name song. They will love it and learn to spell it at the same time.

Written by Alicia