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Name Game for Toddlers

Name Game for Toddlers

Try this simple Name Game for Toddlers to help your little one identify family members and work on saying their names!

1. Find and print a picture of each family member or friend you would like your child to identify. Pictures with just one person in them will work best for little ones. I laminated mine so that they could survive being played with.  Be sure to include your toddler as well!

2. Choose just a few pictures at a time to begin. I chose just our immediate family.

3. Lay out the pictures and let your little one explore a bit. They will probably recognize those people in front of them and let you know it!

4. Begin talking about the pictures. Name each person while pointing to their pictures. Let your little one say hello, blow a kiss, etc., and if they are working on talking, try to say their names.

5. Play games with the pictures by asking questions like, “Can you find Daddy?”, or “Is this Grandma?”

6.  You can gradually add more pictures to include extended family as well.  This is a great way to help build familiarity with family members who are far away!

Written by Alicia