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Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play

Toddler Water Play is a fun way to keep your toddler cool this summer! My son would play with the hose all day if we let him, but of course we limit it to a short period of the day. This is an activity that he absolutely loves and it keeps him cool during the hot summer days.

We line up cups of different sizes on the ground. Then we turn on the hose, just so it’s trickling out, not full blast of course! My son fills the different cups, dumps them out, and repeats.

It may sound simple but it is developing some serious hand-eye coordination and understanding of cause/effect. Also, it helps with understanding different sizes because bigger cups take longer to fill than smaller ones.

I talk about what he’s doing as he does it to develop the language for full, empty, big, small, water, etc. For a lower water version, simply just fill some cups with water and watch your child transfer water from cup to cup!

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Written by Adrianne